Welcome to KCPK-LP!  FM 106.9

A Low-Power FM radio station--call out as Kern County PeaK Radio!


We have been on the air since February, 2017!

We are located in Pine Mountain Club, California, 

but we will broadcast nationally and internationally 

as an Affiliate with Pacifica Radio!

We seek your involvement with Podcasts and recorded presentations!


We aim to assist the amateur writer/artist/songwriter

 to further promote and develop their inspiration.  

For more information on:
Create Our World Podcast Project, Click Here  

For Current Radio Schedule, Click Here.

For more information on:
KCPK-LP, Click here

Mailing:  PO Box 1929, Frazier Park, CA 93225-1929

Telephone Toll-Free:



Faxes accepted as well.


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