Welcome to KCPK-LP!  FM 106.9 in Pine Mountain Club, California

A Low-Power FM radio station--call out as Kern County PeaK



For Current KCPK-LP Radio Schedule, Click Here.

We have been on the air since February, 2017!

We are located in Pine Mountain Club, California, 

but we broadcast online nationally and internationally 

as an Affiliate with Pacifica Radio!

We seek your involvement with Podcasts and recorded presentations!  YOU MAY LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. AND PARTICIPATE!


Brief Summary of Podcast Requirements:

Podcast must be 28 minutes in length

Recording requirements:  128Kbps mp3

Put onto flashdrive or other required delivery method as set by COTWF.

Podcast submission must be accompanied by all signed releases as specified on the Independent Broadcast Coalition (IBC) webpage.

Current contracts for broadcasting:

  • 1)      Podcast Producer IS A VOTING MEMBER of Center of the World Festival (COTWF).  Complete training is required, as described on the IBC webpage.  Voting member assumes responsibility for review of podcast, obtains their own underwriter, and keeps the funding for their own podcast services.  Other IBC Voting Members will review each podcast for compliance to FCC rules.  Repeat violations may lead to ending of IBC membership.
  • 2)      Podcast Producer IS NOT a voting member of COTWF. Underwriter must be included with the podcast.   Board of Directors and Officers review and approve the podcast and the underwriter’s ad.  Underwriting fee is paid to COTWF.  This process occurs with each individual podcast submission.  There are no guarantees of continued acceptance of future podcasts. Please contact us for complete details.
  • 3)      If you are interested in doing a local live broadcast show, please contact us for details.
  • 4)      If you are interested in underwriting a podcast of the Pacifica Network Affiliates, please contact us for details.  Underwriting Agreement

Mailing:  PO Box 1929, Frazier Park, CA 93225-1929

Telephone & Fax Toll-Free:




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