• 17 Sep 2019 10:21 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

     With thousands of podcasts on the internet, and only 24 hours in a day, your podcast needs to rise above others in your genre or industry in order to grab listeners. 

    How will your podcast fare among others who are competing for the same audience? Here are a few things to consider. 

    Who is Your Ideal Listener? 

    Your ideal listener fits a profile of someone who would enjoy or benefit from the information you share, or entertainment you provide. 

    My ideal listeners are indie authors and writers looking for education,  information, or training. As indie authors, they're considering self-publishing as an option. Does that mean writers looking for traditional publishers won't get anything from listening? It does not. There's valuable information for all writers, however my focus is on supporting those who want to publish their own books. 

    What about you? Do you know who these people are? If not, how can you identify them? 

    What are Your Listener's Desires or Needs? 

    What is your ideal listener looking for? Support? Entertainment? Solutions to problems? This information is critical for building an audience and subsequent engagement. 

    As the host of your podcast knowing what your listeners are looking for will help you schedule programing and guests that will offer support and direction to solutions. 

    If your podcast is pure entertainment, be sure the programing is tailored to the demographics of your listening base.  

    How Can You Keep Listeners Engaged? 

    Your programing must have value if listeners are going to spend precious time with you. Keep your content fresh, current and do your research before you share facts. Your credibility is the key to longevity. 

    Judith Cassis is a NY Times/LA Times Bestselling ghostwriter and book coach. She is the founder of Writer to Writer, and offers support to indie authors and writers. 

  • 27 Jul 2019 4:30 PM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

    Getting excited about your podcast and sharing information or entertaining your audience is the first step in building momentum.  

    However, as we've said in past blog articles, you could have the most amazing show, but if you don't promote it, no one will know you're out there. Promoting is your key to building early traction--even before your show airs. 

    By getting the word out about your podcast, you'll create a buzz around it and when you launch, new listeners will already be waiting in the wings. 

    How Do You Promote? 

    Handing out flyers may not work in bigger markets, but it will help in a small community such as ours on the mountain. The only problem is it will require more footwork and will take more time than conventional methods. 

    If you have a blog, you can throw in a few teasers to let your existing fan base know you have a podcast. You can also email information about the date and time your podcast will air and then boost with social media posts. 

    Let's talk a bit more about social media.

    Your goal as a podcaster is to continue to build your listening audience. If you have a social media following, or plan to grow one, it doesn't have to cost you a dime. Sure, it will take a little time but you can introduce upcoming show topics and start discussions that will pique interest. 

    Investing time in promoting your podcast will pay off. Be willing to do what it takes to introduce your podcast to the public and remind your followers to share your links! 

  • 02 Jul 2019 10:59 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

    Greetings Podcasters! 

    Have you read about the different ways you can air your podcast on KCPK-LP radio? If not, please click here to learn more. 

    Use Facebook Live to Build Your Audience

    Here are a few ideas about how you can use Facebook Live to: 

    1) Generate Interest in your podcast

    2) Build relationships


    3) build a following for your podcast

    You can also use Facebook live to discuss the topic of a specific podcast after it airs! 

    Helpful Hints: 

    Introduce yourself 

        Tell your prospective followers who you are, what your podcast theme is and invite them to listen. 

    Highlight Topics

         Let people know what you will be talking about and what the benefits will be as they listen to your podcast. 

    Recognize Followers

         Thank those who have commented or followed your podcast or your Facebook live. 

    Call to Action

         Let listeners know what you want them to do: visit your site, follow you on Facebook, buy a book or product, etc. 

    Follow our blog for more information on airing your successful podcast on KCPK-LP

    We have been on the air since February, 2017!

    We are located in Pine Mountain Club, California, 

    but we broadcast online nationally and internationally 

    as an Affiliate with Pacifica Radio!

    Listen to our live stream here: 



  • 05 May 2019 9:34 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

    Podcasting is a personal medium. You might have thousands of listeners (or more) but you’re interacting with them one at a time. You’re alone with them in the car, beside them in the kitchen or seated next to them in their office—wherever they are listening to your show.

    You might even be under an umbrella together on the beach! Your podcast can go anywhere your listeners go.

    How can you talk to one person at a time when so many others are listening? Well, you can’t, but listeners feel as though you are, and that’s why it’s important to acknowledge the value of your relationship.

    They know you as a friend, which makes podcasting perfect for building those relationships and fostering engagement.

    You can talk AT them if you want, or you can converse WITH them. Allow your listeners to ask questions by introducing a topic on social media or email, and then inviting our listeners to ask questions.

    What if your show is not live?

    That’s Okay! Ask for and then grab the questions from the comments on social media or email, and then read and answer the questions on your show. You can allow the names of listeners to be anonymous or mention a first name if that’s okay with the person asking the question.

    You accomplish another important objective when you allow listeners (or readers) to ask questions. Their questions give YOU an inside view of what your audience is looking for from your show. What are they expecting from you?

    What are their problems? Their concerns? And most importantly, what solutions do you have to offer them?

    Can you see how this strategy can help deepen discussions? It will help build stronger alliances between you and your audience and also give your listeners a more personal connection with you. 

    For more information about KCPK-LP, and Center of the World Festival, please visit our website. Look for information coming about our Facebook group.

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  • 05 May 2019 9:29 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

    Studies and polls show great numbers of people listen to podcasts. In fact, 51% of the US population claims to have listened to at least one podcast, and 49% say they listen at home, while 22% listen in the car.

    In our first blog article we talked about podcasts being portable as one of its virtues. You can listen anywhere!

    Anyone can produce a podcast, but it won’t have much value if nobody hears it, will it? How can you find and connect with your ideal audience?

    Here are ways you can connect with listeners and build your audience:

    Interview Other Podcasters

    Networking or joint ventures are a quick way to build your own following. Some people view this as helping the competition by giving them access to your listener base.

    Why not look at it as helping each other?

    In fact, you can collaborate by swapping interviews. If you have a blog, you can transcribe the interviews and post them with each other’s contact information or podcast info.

    Use Social Media to Promote

    Although podcasting is not difficult, it does take time and commitment to plan and produce a show. The next task on your plate will be to promote it. One way is through social media.

    In fact, social media is essential for spreading the word about your show. You should definitely plan to post a link to your podcasts as they become available, but why not also record a teaser on your Facebook Live?

    How about creating a YouTube video for one of your episodes now and then? Use as many different platforms as possible to get the word out and connect with new listeners. They’ll share if they find value and there you go—you have an outside sales force!

    By the way, both of our suggestions today are available to you free of charge, so if your budget is low, that’s another good reason to consider them as part of your overall strategy.

    For more information about KCPK-LP, and Center of the World Festival, please visit our website. Look for information coming about our Facebook group.

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  • 05 May 2019 9:24 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

    If you don’t have a podcast or have never hosted one, you might wonder, “Who would want to listen to me?”

    KCPK-LP says, “Everyone!” Everyone who is interested in your topic, that is.

    It’s currently been determined that there are currently over 700,000 podcast shows, and over 29 million episodes as of April 2019.

    So somebody must be listening. Your greatest challenge will be where to find your target listeners, and we’ll talk about that in our next article.

    For now, the next thing you might wonder is, “Once I decide to produce a podcast, what could I talk about?”

    The answer to this question is easy, although, depending on how much knowledge you have on your topic, coming up with worthy topics of discussion might take a little homework. 

    Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

             Interview guests or underwriters* (*more later)

             Discuss topics relevant to your listeners

             Highlight success stories

             Provide information and resources of value

             Share vignettes and stories with entertainment value

             Air a “How-to” segment

    Is this enough to get you started? There are so many more ideas you can use. Perhaps you’ve come up with a few of your own after reading our suggestions.

    For more information about KCPK-LP, and Center of the World Festival, please visit our website. Look for information coming about our Facebook group.

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  • 05 May 2019 9:10 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

    You have probably heard of podcasting but maybe you’re not sure of what it actually means. What is a podcast and why would you want to produce your own?

    That’s a good question, considering that the thought of producing your own show and airing it might seem overwhelming. The truth is, it’s doable, especially if you air your podcast on KCPK-LP.

    All you need to begin with is a great show idea.

    What are you passionate about? Maybe you have knowledge that would benefit others and you’d like to share information on the topic. The beauty of a podcast is it’s all yours. You can decide what to say and to whom as long as it meets the guidelines set forth by your broadcasting platform.

    Here are 7 great reasons for Podcasting:

    Podcasts Offer Direct Communication

    Podcasts offer a more intimate way of connecting with your audience than email.

             Podcasts are Easy to Consume

    Once you connect, your audience can download as soon as they are available.

             Podcasts are Cost-Effective

    They are delivered digitally so you save on expenses such as postage, printing and paper.

             Podcasts are Time-Efficient

    Your audience can listen while they perform other tasks. They help improve productivity.

             Podcasts are Portable

    Once a podcast is saved to a device, your audience can take it anywhere their computer (or iPod) goes. 

             Podcasts Can Be a Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Your subscribers can become the core of your community and your podcast can help deepen relationships.

              Podcasts Can be Archived

    Your material can be archived for future use. It can be transcribed and used for your book or blog.

    For more information about KCPK-LP, and Center of the World Festival, please visit our website. Look for information coming about our Facebook group.

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