7 Great Reasons to Produce Your Podcast

05 May 2019 9:10 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

You have probably heard of podcasting but maybe you’re not sure of what it actually means. What is a podcast and why would you want to produce your own?

That’s a good question, considering that the thought of producing your own show and airing it might seem overwhelming. The truth is, it’s doable, especially if you air your podcast on KCPK-LP.

All you need to begin with is a great show idea.

What are you passionate about? Maybe you have knowledge that would benefit others and you’d like to share information on the topic. The beauty of a podcast is it’s all yours. You can decide what to say and to whom as long as it meets the guidelines set forth by your broadcasting platform.

Here are 7 great reasons for Podcasting:

Podcasts Offer Direct Communication

Podcasts offer a more intimate way of connecting with your audience than email.

         Podcasts are Easy to Consume

Once you connect, your audience can download as soon as they are available.

         Podcasts are Cost-Effective

They are delivered digitally so you save on expenses such as postage, printing and paper.

         Podcasts are Time-Efficient

Your audience can listen while they perform other tasks. They help improve productivity.

         Podcasts are Portable

Once a podcast is saved to a device, your audience can take it anywhere their computer (or iPod) goes. 

         Podcasts Can Be a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your subscribers can become the core of your community and your podcast can help deepen relationships.

          Podcasts Can be Archived

Your material can be archived for future use. It can be transcribed and used for your book or blog.

For more information about KCPK-LP, and Center of the World Festival, please visit our website. Look for information coming about our Facebook group.

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