How Can I Connect with My Podcast Listeners?

05 May 2019 9:29 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

Studies and polls show great numbers of people listen to podcasts. In fact, 51% of the US population claims to have listened to at least one podcast, and 49% say they listen at home, while 22% listen in the car.

In our first blog article we talked about podcasts being portable as one of its virtues. You can listen anywhere!

Anyone can produce a podcast, but it won’t have much value if nobody hears it, will it? How can you find and connect with your ideal audience?

Here are ways you can connect with listeners and build your audience:

Interview Other Podcasters

Networking or joint ventures are a quick way to build your own following. Some people view this as helping the competition by giving them access to your listener base.

Why not look at it as helping each other?

In fact, you can collaborate by swapping interviews. If you have a blog, you can transcribe the interviews and post them with each other’s contact information or podcast info.

Use Social Media to Promote

Although podcasting is not difficult, it does take time and commitment to plan and produce a show. The next task on your plate will be to promote it. One way is through social media.

In fact, social media is essential for spreading the word about your show. You should definitely plan to post a link to your podcasts as they become available, but why not also record a teaser on your Facebook Live?

How about creating a YouTube video for one of your episodes now and then? Use as many different platforms as possible to get the word out and connect with new listeners. They’ll share if they find value and there you go—you have an outside sales force!

By the way, both of our suggestions today are available to you free of charge, so if your budget is low, that’s another good reason to consider them as part of your overall strategy.

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