We have been granted the Construction Permit for Low Power FM Radio Station.


Our plans include recording and broadcasting of all of the activities of the Nonprofit, including recording of original plays submitted by amateur playwrights and playing of new songs submitted by songwriters.

For the past six years, we have reached out across the nation, even internationally, to bring together playwrights, storytellers, and songwriters. We host Grant Prize competitions to showcase their work to our local communities. Now, with the awarding by the FCC of a construction permit for a Low Power FM radio station, we want to broadcast these socially relevant artistic creations and record them for podcast distribution on our website: In this way, we will expand the impact of theatrical productions from visual only, with a return to the audio impact of old-tyme radio productions. We plan to produce shows year-round, expanding beyond an annual festival.

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Our California rural communities lie within the Los Padres National Forest, being midway between Bakersfield and Santa Clarita and remote from services and urban amenities.   In 2008, Center of the World Festival (CWF) was founded to bring arts and culture to our region.  We are an amateur Communitas Theater honoring the Chumash concept of "Liyikshup" (Community in Balance), a Social Theater transforming minds and hearts through storytelling, play performances, and song. Our mission is to develop an interdependent, consensual, and ecologically sensitive community.  This we do through an art-based, interactive civic dialogue for all ages. We reach out actively to other communities with a focus on cultural tourism, inviting them to share this experience in story-telling social theater.  Stories preserve the past, teach the future, and create a community of shared experience and understanding.  Through Communitas Theater, we believe that ordinary people can create the extraordinary.

CWF obtained IRS 501(c)(3) status in April, 2010, and is a voting membership organization, entirely volunteer-run. Throughout each year, CWF conducts art and culture workshops and supports a "business incubator" gallery for local artisans to develop economic sustainability through the arts.  Then, each August, we celebrate the cultural significance of our location at the base of Mt. Pinos with an annual arts and cultural festival.  Our festival takes its inspiration from the spiritual significance of Mt. Pinos to the Chumash people, believed by them to be "the center of the world." The festival themes, based upon the concept of maintaining balance with the universe and humankind, uses "localized arts" as the agents of social change.  CWF aims to transform the local community through the creative process.

Our present project is "Connecting Community through Low Power FM Radio."  CWF was granted an FCC construction permit, the first in our area.  This station will be a local alternative to out-of-the-area corporate programming.  We will create an exciting change in our isolated rural communities by featuring local programming emphasizing sustainability, social justice, citizenship, political, art, and cultural awareness.  Our radio station will showcase arts and culture activity and offer educational shows on local economics, environment, health issues, events, and provide a venue for artists of all persuasions to provide visibility for their talents.



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